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Please ask me for a quote on sending these items to you or pickup on Gold Coast not eBay items
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Second Hand and new items, including Hydroponic Equipment and other items

Pictures of lighting

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Honda for sale

Click on this video to see more of my hydroponic second items available direct or on ebay.

  • I prefer to sell on Ebay 
  • list of ebay items here
  • list of Ebay feedback from customers here
  • I have a range of second hand hydroponic equipment for sale that is not listed on ebay, and others that are listed.
  • The items below are NOT LISTED ON EBAY! 
  • I prefer Ebay at all times, as it protects you as the buyer, and me as the seller. 
  • HOWEVER, I understand with Hydroponics, that keeping some items between you and me is preferred by some of my customers. 
  • To order feel free to call on 07 5527-4155 or email me for anything you need.

Lighting kits I sell most often. For pictures scroll down or click here

400W light kits - (Postage/Freight $20 East Coast)

600W Light kits- (Postage/Freight $20 East Coast)

1000W Metal Halide kits - (Postage/Freight $25 East Coast)

1000W HPS kits - (Postage/Freight $25 East Coast)

Pricelist below (scroll down please)

All Equipment is tested to be operating only before dispatch.
7 Day replacement (if fails to operate) warranty on all equipment

Does not including reimbursement of any return postage.
Noisy ballasts will not be dispatched. If it becomes noisy but still operates, that is why it is second hand. No replacement.
Does not make any warranty that lamps are still producing enough light output. Some judgment is made when testing, and I throw out grungy looking lamps.
All care taken for packing, but if you want insurance for transit, call someone else.
I'm not interested in the stuffing around really. I haven't had anything break in years.

View at 1/27 Lawrence Drive Nerang Gold Coast Australia

Pay by Direct Deposit into National Bank, (also at Aust post outlets), 
or by Visa or MasterCard. To pay by Paypal click here (via

second_hand_equipment_009.jpg (130786 bytes)Click on pictures for full size Ballasts and light kits

HPS 400W $60  
  or as kit (lamp reflector) $85
HPS 600W $80  kit $120
HPS 1000W $150 kit $200
MH 1000W $60 kit $100

second_hand_equipment_002.jpg (132212 bytes)Click on pictures for full size Lamps only available with kits. 
I usually choose the one with the least use
second hand hydroponics feb2006 001 (Small).jpg (35913 bytes) second hand hydroponics feb2006 005 (Small).jpg (30401 bytes)
Click on pictures for full size
Centrifugal fans 

250mm $160

300mm $200

second hand hydroponics feb2006 003 (Small).jpg (39101 bytes) second hand hydroponics feb2006 004 (Small).jpg (36037 bytes)
Click on pictures for full size
Axial Fans  (more than 60W) 

4 pole 300mm various $150

second hand hydroponics feb2006 014 (Small).jpg (44172 bytes)Click on pictures for full size Carbon Filters

Various prices from $80 depending on availability and sizes

second_hand_equipment_010.jpg (82604 bytes) chinahat reflectors available as a choice if in stock
Click on pictures for full size

second_hand_equipment_006.jpg (96460 bytes) adjustashades available as a choice if in stock
Click on pictures for full size

second_hand_equipment_001.jpg (157441 bytes) fans, ducting, and all sorts of things.
Ask if your fan size is in stock.
Click on pictures for full size

second_hand_equipment_003.jpg (95579 bytes) Ozone generators
Click on pictures for full size

second_hand_equipment_008.jpg (132804 bytes) Just a lot of ballasts
Click on pictures for full size

Sales are final. I will test and check any item before sale. If the product fails within 7 days and has not been improperly treated, I will endeavor to exchange with equivalent or refund at my own discretion.

All prices are a guide for equipment in perfect running condition and reasonable cosmetic condition

Should any item I buy fail to operate within 7 days of sale I reserve the right to seek replacement or refund from sellers

If you need any of these items just give me a email at 

or call on 07-5527-4154 (Ask for second hand equipment or we will usually think you are after new equipment)